New Models, October 2016

Lot's of exciting news for the remainder of 2016 and the start of 2017. Keep up to date by checking in with our blog from time to time. First of the new models to arrive at Flight Comp in short order are the following.-

Mibo Terminator F3B/F3F, this model has been long awaited and will represent and affordable and high quality model for the slope or the winch! We expect some in stock in a few weeks time from the date of publishing for this blog post. 

Mibo Cyclone F3J, this model was designed in Germany a few years ago but never entered production. Now Mibo has picked up the ball and put the Cyclone in Production. This is a slippery looking model that has a 3.7m span. V-tail only. Light, Standard, and Heavy lamination's available. We have several ordered and hope to have them before the end of the year. 

Vortex 2.5, although not a new model in the USA, it's new for Flight Comp. We have several of the Vortex 2.5 models scheduled to arrive with our next Ultima F5J order. We have also ordered some spare parts. 

Onyx 40, otherwise known as the Kappa. The Europlan/Chocofly team has created a stretched version of the Onyx 35. 4 meters if F5J/ALES goodness with flying weights below 1500 grams for the full carbon version. We think the fuse is the same, and just the tips have been extended. More details soon.