Founded in 1994 by the Vostrel family in the Czech Republic. Samba Model has been producing high quality radio control competition sailplanes for almost 30 years!

From the beginning, until today, Samba has been focus on the production of competitive composite aircraft models for the F3J, F3F, F3B and F5J categories. They are also partly engaged in the production of UAVs and experimental models. All components for their models are manufactured in Czech Republic.

Samba models have been very successful in international competition for two decades. Twelve pilots became World champion with Samba models. The first was at the F3J World Championships in Corfu 2000 Greece (Jan Kohout CZE, Pike Plus ).

  • WCH F3J 2000 Greece ,Corfu - Jan Kohout CZE - Pike Plus 
  • WCH F3J 2004 Canada - David Hobby AUS Pike Superior
  • WCH F3J 2006 Slovakia -David Hobby AUS - Pike Perfect
  • WCH F3J 2014 Slovakia -Jan Littva SVK - Pike Perfection
  • WCH F3J 2018 Romania – Jr. Jaroslav Vostrel CZE - Pike Perfection
  • WCH F3B 2017 Czech republic – Bernhard Flixider AUT - Pike Precision 2
  • WCH F3B 2019 Czech republic – Andreas Bohlen SUI - Pike Precision 2

Beginning 2005 Samba started working with Philip Kolb and Benjamin Rodax from Germany for model design work and aerodynamic analysis. Our models have always been characterized by high quality and excellent flight characteristics

Our foundations are laid on fair dealing, we always try to fulfill what we promise. As we are a relatively small company, we try to keep a "family spirit" not only with employees, but especially with customers. Our job is our hobby, our work is our passion. 

We hope you will become part of the Samba family soon!