New DLG/F3K Servos!

In stock now!

Exciting news from Blue Bird! They have developed 3 new servos specifically for F3K models. Featuring aluminum machined cases, all metal gear train, and coreless motors. 

We have been testing these for several weeks with good results and hope to have some in stock before the end of November. Typically most serious F3K pilots have only had to brands of servos to choose from. We hope these servos offer a good alternative. 

More news as we get it.  Update! New specs listed with 1S performance values. 

Some general specs-

Weights- 7.3-7.4 grams
Speed- .07/7.4V .09/6.0V .15/3.7V
Torque- 1.6kg/3.7V 2.5kg/6.0V 3.0kg/7.4V
Dimensions- 22mm x 8mm x 15.3mm

Detailed Data Sheet Here