Sensor F5J from CN-Models

The all new Sensor is finally in production. A few years in development by CN-Models. The all new model features a 4 piece wing design and a 2 piece fuselage. Making it a very compact model to transport and ship. 

Solid core foam construction on the wing and tail panels. Bladder molded fuselage parts. 4m wing span. Details on wing design coming soon! 

There are plans for 5 different layups, FAI light, light, standard, wind, and storm. As of right now only the light, standard, and windy are available for order. 

Sensor super light
(FAI Limit)
Sensor light Sensor normal Sensor windy Sensor storm
NT model weight* not available 858 gr (30,27 oz) 956 gr ( 33,72 oz)  1049 gr ( 37,00 oz)   not available
Model flight weight** not available 1220 gr (43,03 oz) 1350 gr (47,62 oz)  1500 gr ( 52,91 oz)   not available
Wing loading not available 14,14  gr\dm²  15,64  gr\dm²  17,38  gr\dm²   not available




* - weight of the components depends on the color and the presence of stripes. Dark colors lighter, yellow is the heaviest;

** - typical value shown; the actual values depend on the radio gear used.

The Sensor is available with IDS and frames installed, as well it is offered with servos installed in both the wings and fuse. Even the motor mount can be pre-installed at CN!

Custom graphics are not available at this time. We have several models on order, please contact us to reserve a model. Delivery eta is March/April 2021.


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