CN slim carbon folding props and 'U" spinners arrived

CN-Models keeps churning out new goodies for us. We have four all new slim carboweave carbon fiber folding props. Two sizes for F5K and two for F5J. To hold on to these props CN has updated their F5J spinners. They now offer "U" spinners, which means you can change the 30mm and 32mm cones between some of them without buying a complete spinner. We will stock spare cones soon.

The biggest improvement with the "U" spinners is that the blade mounts are further away from the back of the spinner. Thus giving the prop more room to fold flush against your fuselage. For modern F5J models go for the "Pro" version. If you have a sport model or an older model with a portly fuse, get the standard as the distance between the prop blades is 28mm compared to 24mm on the Pro. 

Below is my Vertigo with previous setup, Vlad spinner and standard Vita folding prop. Compared to the new CN-Models setup.

Props sizes, 6x4, 7x4, 9x7, 12x6

Prestige and Vertigo setups


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