Xpower F3426-7 Storm

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Xpower F3426-7 Storm

Direct drive motor for storm F5J models or sport gliders in general. Might be a good choice for F3G models as well. 

Performance brushless "outrunner in a can"

Output power cables in the axis at the rear of the engine, perfect for easy installation in the narrow fuselage nose of sailplanes no more hassles with the wires wrapping around the motor!

Brushless outrunner motor with fixed outer cage F3426/7 Storm XPower designed for motor gliders up to 2.8 kg.

Eliminating gearbox simplifies "mechanics" and thus limits the risk of failure. In addition, swinging a much smaller propellers at high RPM reduces the effects of gyroscopic torques that make the initial climb out easier to manage and accelerates the horizontal speed of the model.

Robust 5mm diameter motor shaft to resist muscular landings on landing spots!


Recommended number of cells: 4 LiPo

  • Power supply voltage: 4S LiPo
  • Kv : 1250 rpm/volt
  • Max. current : 70A
  • Internal resistance : 23.6mOhm
  • Shaft diameter : 5.0mm
  • Dimensions: Ø34x49.7mm
  • Weight: 142g
  • Recommended propellers: 10x7 - 12x6".
  • Max. weight of the model: 2.8Kg


    • 11x8" folding propeller
    • Battery LiPo 4S 1300mAh
    • Controller 60A
    • Power consumption : 56A
    • Traction : 2800g



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