Vertigo Light V-Tail Set


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V-tail set, includes boom, V-tails and V-tail covers.

This set allows you to convert your Vertigo into a V-tail model. For use with light models only! The Boom has pre-installed strings and the tails have pre-installed springs and horns. This is a lighter setup than standard pushrods. It is imperative you do not over speed the tails. So no vertical descents or aerobatics please!

Do not use on STRONG!


  • Boom with strings
  • V-tails with springs and horns installed
  • V-tail covers
  • All hardware for mounting

Recommended CG with V-tails- 99-105mm from LE. Adjust V-tail diff to keep nose from dropping or rising when rudder is applied. Wing settings are the same as X-Tail.

  • Boom- 66 grams
  • V-tails- 26 grams each


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