ToolkitRC M6, 150w Color Screen Multi-function Micro Pocket charger and Diagnostics tool kit

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ToolkitRC M6, 150w Color Screen Multi-function Micro Pocket charger and Diagnostics tool kit

The M6 is the worlds smallest 150w color screen charger!With a 150w and 10A Charger at its heart the M6 also has a servo tester, cell checker, a watt meter, PWM/PPM/Sbus input testers and output generators along with a variable voltage and amperage DC output control.


  • Battery Charger
  • Cell Checker
  • Servo Tester
  • PWM,PPM.SBUS Input/output & Receiver tester
  • Viable AMP/volt DC Power supply (Required external DC input)

● Lithium battery cut-off voltage can be set (TVC function)
● Measure battery voltage, internal resistance, balance
● Measure PWM / PPM / xBUS signal values, Accuracy 1ms
● Output PWM / PPM / xBUS standard signal, Accuracy 1ms
● Customizable 1-28V constant voltage, 1-10A constant current
● Charge the drone battery, activate and charge.
● Multi-language optional
● USB 2.1A@5.0V Output,for Mobile devices
● Udisk firmware upgrade (Slave device)

Input voltage:        7.0-28V  @MAX 12A
Type of battery:     Lipo  LiHV  LiFe Lion @1-6S
                              NiMh @1-16S   Pb @1-10S
Charge power:      150W @MAX 10A
Discharge power:  150W  @MAX 10A Recycle mode
                              8W @ 2A Normal mode
USB:                      2.1A @5.0V  or  Upgrade
Dimensions:           68*49*26 mm
Weight:                  80g
LCD:                      1.8inch TFT RGB, 160*128 Pixel

PWM:                    880-2200us @20-400Hz
PPM:                     880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
SBUS:                   880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz
Voltage:                1.0-5.0V @1-6S
IR:                         10-99mR @1-6S

PWM:                    500-2500us @20-1000Hz
PPM:                     880-2200us*8CH @50Hz
SBUS:                   880-2200us*16CH @74Hz
Power:                   1-10A  @1-28V Mode:CC+CV

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