T-Motor F30 (F5K)

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The T-Motor F30 is an ideal choice for F5K models.

Weight- 20g with wires

Shaft- 5mm threaded

T-Motor have taken everything learned from their continuous development and refinement of brushless motors for multirotor applications and racing quads and poured it into the development of the new miniature F30 motors. F-series motors have been designed to be more responsive, stronger and faster than the competition and will outlast other motors when it matters. The rotor has been redesigned for increased strength and added top grooves increase friction between the propeller and the rotating part of the motor for better stability. 

Very small brushless motors are notoriously inefficient, so T-Motor have employed a new stator construction method to reduce heat and eddy currents, to keep energy losses as low as possible. Larger bearings reduce noise and vibration – these not only give higher impact resistance but you will notice how ultra smooth these motors are when you first spool them up.

The F30 motors retain the 5mm hollow shaft to keep the weight low and aid heat dissipation under extreme loads.

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