Strike 3 Mini 1M F3K 2-Piece Wing Hex Multicolor

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Strike 3 Mini 1M F3K 2-Piece Wing Hex Multicolor

2-Piece Wing

The Strike 3 is the latest evolution of the Strike mini DLG. It features a solid core Rohacell 31 wing and tails. The fuse has been re-designed to make servo and gear installation much more convenient for the user. There are now openings on both sides of the fuse for servo,rx, and battery installation. 

Aileron pushrods are routed outside of the fuse. 

Made by Anton in Ukraine the Strike 3 features all the latest state of the art construction techniques of 1.5m F3K models. 

A perfect model to transport or keep in your car, tons of fun in a tiny package!


Features amazing graphics designed by Jerem-Aero!


  • Wing Span 989.5 mm
  • Length 735 mm
  • Flying weight 110-120 gm 


  • Solid core Rohacell 31 wing with CW 30gr/m2 carbon
  • Solid core Rohacell 31 tails with CW 20 gr/m2 carbon
  • Bladder molded carbon fuse with Rohacell inserts in nose for servo mounting
  • 2.4 friendly Kevlar nose cone
  • Bottom mounted elevator
  • Includes all control horns, cables, spring wire, and throwing blade

Typical parts weights

  • Wing 50-55 grams
  • Elevator 4 grams
  • Rudder 3 grams
  • Fuse 20-22 grams
  • Parts pack-8 grams

Recommended Servos- Blue Bird BMS-101 x4

Flight modes

  • Launch -.05mm reflex
  • Cruise 1- 0mm camber
  • Cruise 2- 2mm camber
  • Thermal- 2-5mm camber

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