Servorahmen KST X08H, X08H plus, X08, X08 plus third bearing frame

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Servorahmen KST X08H, X08H plus, X08, X08 plus third bearing frame

Servo frame “Type KST 08 bearing” with integrated counter bearing.

Super flat and compact servo frame. Due to the low overall height, the counter bearing is designed as a plain bearing. This ensures optimal fit and durability, with low weight. The screw on the servo lever is replaced by a turned part made of aluminum. Adapter pieces that fit precisely into the holes on the servo housing fix the servo in the frame using four special screws. The servo can be quickly removed and installed at any time. Thanks to the side support surface, the servo frame can also be glued to the wing near the counter bearing point. The additional bonding ensures an extremely play-free linkage.
The servo frame can also be used for "left" and "right" be used.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 50 x 37 x 9 millimeters, weight: 4.2 grams

The following servos fit into the servo frame "Type KST 08 bearing":

KST X08, KST X08H, KST DS 245, KST DS 245 H

Use screws supplied with servos!

Single frame only, not a pair.

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