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Propeller made of high-strength, carbon fiber reinforced plastic by injection molding.

Nature provides form and function. Julian has succeeded in constructing the next generation of F5j propellers under the concept of bionics. The result is a propeller with the greatest aerodynamic efficiency in both powered flight and gliding.

In the center of the development was the popular F5j propulsion Tenshock 1515-15T with Reisenauer Micro Edition gear and 3s, respectively 4s Lipo battery.

Diameter and pitch represent the optimal compromise between thrust generated and feed rate.

Particularly noteworthy is the extraordinary response behavior when the motor is switched on and the immediate acceleration of the model due to the flow directly applied to the propeller. In competition it is often decisive for victory or defeat, when in the poker for the switch-off height it is determined in the last seconds that more height is needed or thermals far away from the starting point should be reached.

Can be used under reserve with the following drives in regular F5j operation (max. 30 sec.) with battery capacities less than 1.000 mAh:

  • Tenshock EDF 1515 - 15T - 4pol 3770KV, Reisenauer Micro Edition 5:1NL/T both 3S and 4S
  • Tenshock TS-GDM1510A03-3950KV Planetary Gear Drive Motor(4.75:1) both 3S and 4S
  • Tenshock TS-GDM1510A04-5000KV Planetary Gear Drive Motor(4.75:1) on 3S

Technical data:

  • Weight per sheet: 6.6 grams
  • Propeller neck: 8 mm (suitable for all common spinners)
  • Drill hole: 3 mm
  • Maximum speed: 11,000 revolutions per minute
  • Maximum power: 1.900 Watt

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