SEQURE SQ-001 Mini Soldering Iron Replacement Tips

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Type: TS-I
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Package includes: 1 x Replacement Solder Tip, pick type from menu.

Replacement Solder Tips For SQ-D60 And SQ-001 Digital LCD Soldering Iron B2 BC2 I K

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel,Copper
Length: Approx. 103mm-109mm
Fit for: All SQ-001, SQ-D60
Types: TS-B2,TS-BC2,TS-C4,TS-D24,TS-I,TS-K,TS-KU,TS-C1
Ceramics heating core, long life time.
Internal heated design with lead free, fast heating speed.
8 types for your selection, perfect for SQ-D60 and SQ-001 electric soldering iron usage.
It's a internal-heated heating core specially for SQ-D60 and SQ-001, tip and heater as a whole.
Package included:
1 x Replacement Solder Tip

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