Riddick 1.2M Flying Wing, Red/White, Hard


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Riddick 1.2M Flying Wing, Red/White, Hard

IDS with cnc metal parts installed for KST X08H, 08H Plus, A08H, HS08A

From CCM-

This is a symbolic model for us. The production had started just before russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. The model was developed and designed during constant moving from one city to another all over Ukraine, as initially there were fights and shelling in our region.

We had to go on doing what we liked in order to support Ukrainian army and economy as well as maintain war-life balance.

Riddick Model is the result of our collaboration with a very talanted guy – Mario Perner. He has developed an amazing and aggressive in its way design of the model that encourages flying on the slope and speeding. When our team saw RIDDICK for the first time, there was no doubt – we have to make it live. And we did that. We lifted it up into the sky.

Welcome to our world of CMM models!

The model will be available in several versions-

  • Hard- For strong front side slope soaring and light DS
  • Standard- For light front site slope soaring and thermal flying
  • Electric- For all around fun and thermal flying.

Models from Flightcomp include as standard-

  • Flat 0 angle joiner
  • 2.5 Deg joiner
  • Wing and fuse protective covers
  • IDS installed for KST Servos

CG Range-

  • 47-48mm from LE


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