Pike Paradigm GPS Sport Version, Reflex Orange/Gray/White, LDS Installed


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Pike Paradigm GPS Sport Version, Reflex Orange/Gray/White, LDS Installed

LDS Installed-

Ailerons, KST X10 (servos not included)

Flaps, KST X10 (servos not included)

The Samba Pike Paradigm is the new benchmark for the GPS Sport class. 

This model is designed by Philip Kolb and Benjamin Rodax. The model is designed for the GPS Sport category, which is very well developed in Europe. Also it is great for slope alpine flying or flying for fun anywhere because it has an electric motor. The model will have a wingspan of 4726 mm, three-part wings. Diameter for spinner will be 38 mm. PIKE Paradigm will be the first model in this size category which will be made with full Rohacell core technology. Thanks to this technology, Pike Paradigm can be produced much stronger compared to sandwich technology at the same RTF weight.


  • Two Piece solid core rohacell wing.
  • Two piece fuselage.
  • Vertical "keys" into boom for easy assembly and removal.
  • All metal LDS can be installed in the wing. (optional)
  • All servos can be installed by Samba. (optional)
  • 2.4 friendly nose.
  • Fuse and wing covers included.
  • Optional eight piece ballast set for center panel. 1150 gram total load. (optional)


  • Wing span- 4.77 meters
  • Wing Area- 93.99 Dm2
  • Aspect Ratio- 23.9
  • Flying weight- 4900-7000 grams
  • Airfoils- Rodax/Kolb


  • GPS Version, Full rohacell core, center panel from triax CW 59 +ST 160, tips – triax CW 59 + ST 80. ( extra charge)
  • Standard version , Full rohacell core, made from ST 160.
  • LDS Installed in wing for the following servos- KST X10 or MKS 6625HBL. (extra charge)
  • Wing servos installed. (extra charge)
  • Fuselage servos installed with the following servos- KST A15-1812 or MKS HV 747R. (extra charge)
  • Ballast and spacers, 1150 grams total. (extra charge)


Please click here to read about design philosophy, or watch the video below. 


 Fuselage layout tips-

 Color and design options-




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