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Extend your range and increase your link robustness with the Hyperion 6Ch Spread Spectrum Satellite receiver. Due to it being small and lightweight it is perfect where mounting space is limited.

The PPM functionality is an excellent feature for use with multi-rotor flight controllers such as the KK2.1, APM, MultiWii, Naze32 and other compatible Flight Controllers. Connect directly to these Flight Controllers without the use of another receiver. The single line connection removes the weight and mess of additional wire leads for each individual channel, this is ideal for use on small FPV 250 Quadcopter frames where space is limited and at a premium. HP6RX Satellite receivers are built using original and high-quality IC components, it is also assembled with state of the art SMT automation to ensure a quality product each and every time. All HP6RX Hyperion SAT receivers are QC tested using our latest method that ensures range checking takes place as the receiver is programmed. Simply put, if the HP6RX SAT cannot pass the range check it cannot be programmed, this ensures 100% of all HP6RX SAT’s are guaranteed to work flawlessly.

The HP6RX Satellite Receiver offers DSM2™, DSMX™ transmitter and module COMPATIBILITY (DSM2™, and DSMX™ are registered trademarks of Horizon Hobbies USA. This product is not manufactured by Horizon Hobbies USA.) which utilizes dual antennae providing diversity signal reception for the best RF Link possible.

The HP6RX SAT receiver ushers in a new era of quality, reliability and performance for the Hyperion Radio line up.


  • Connect directly to most flight controllers. Can be used as a standalone receiver unit.
  • Compatible with DSM2, DSMX Aircraft radio and module systems. DSM2, and DSMX are registered trademarks of Horizon Hobbies USA.
  • Wide input voltage: 4.5~9.5V
  • 6 Channels
  • Compact design
  • Dual Diversity Antennas for increased signal strength

Compatible with the following equipment:

  • Hyperion HP6RX, and most Spektrum™ DSM2™, DSMX™ Receivers
  • Naze 32, CC3D, KK2, MultiWii, APM (2.0 and up)

Includes in the package:

  • Hyperion HP6RX 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum / PPM Channel Satellite Receiver
  • Wire Connector for Spektrum™ or Hyperion Receivers



  • Channels: 6

  • Input voltage: 4.5~9.5V

  • High Resolution: 2048

  • Latency Response time: 22ms

Note: This is not a Horizon Hobbies DSM2, DSMX product, and is not manufactured or endorsed by Horizon Hobbies USA. DSM2, and DSMX are registered trademarks of Horizon Hobbies USA. Accepted by the MAAA in Australia, see the MAAA MOP58 for guidance.

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