HS08A 3.8-8.4V Micro High Torque Wing Mount Servo


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HS08A 3.8-8.4V Micro High Torque Wing Mount Servo
The new KST HS08 series is specifically aimed at the F5J category.  Roughly the same size as the X08 but with a stronger case and hardened steel gears. Over 73oz/in of torque at 7.4V and higher. 8mm thick and 11grams in weight. 
Same output shaft as X08 and uses the same arms. 
Supplied with 3 arms.
  • Case Dimensions 23.5mm*8mm*25.25mm 
  • Weight 11g
  • Operating Data Rated Voltage DC3.8V-8.4V
  • Voltage Range DC6.0V

Stalling Torque

  • 0.28N.m@3.8V
  • 0.45N.m@6.0V
  • 0.52N.m@7.4V
  • 39.7oz/in@3.8V
  • 63.7oz/in@6.0V
  • 73.6oz/in@7.4V

Rated Torque

  • 0.15N.m@6.0V

Stalling Current

  • 0.68A@6.0V

Rated Current

  • 0.25A&6.0V

No-load Speed

  • 0.21sec/60°@3.8V
  • 0.13sec/60°@6.0V
  • 0.11sec/60°@7.4V

Rated Speed

  • 0.20sec/60°@6.0V

Default Travel Angle ±60° = 120° total travel

Operating Temperature Range -20℃……+65℃

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