Eternity F5J Performance, Neon Green/White/Carbon

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Eternity F5J Performance, Neon Green/White/Carbon

IDS Supplied for-

Ailerons- KST X08H

Flaps- KST X10 Mini

Boom servo mount supplied for KST X08 vertical mount

The Eternity is the latest offering from Bohuslav Majercik of Slovakia. Boho was the designer and producer of the Infinity series of F5J models.

The Eternity is an all new design. At the core of the new model is the highly efficient 3.97M solid core wing with a brand new aero package from Dirk Pflug.
CNC aluminum molds for the Eternity were produced by GCM in Poland (Vertigo makers). The molds have internal heating elements for precise and efficient post-curing,
this technology was developed by GCM. Extremely rigid molds, high temp post-cure, and high pressure in layup results in a superior surface quality that is more durable
than many other models on the market.

The all new triple dihedral wing is more efficient in a straight line and in circling. Having more, slightly smaller angle dihedral changes rather than one bigger change
of dihedral looked a worthwhile gain in the calculations especially when combined with an optimized planform and aspect ratio (22:1) all designed to work together as a package.

Although the wing is triple dihedral, only 4 servos are used. The outer aileron and inner aileron or slaved together with a rigid fiberglass plate that is installed during the manufacturing process. There is no slop in the system and both surfaces are quite rigid. 

All new thinner airfoils allow the model to penetrate at lower weights. The new airfoils where developed for a wide
speed range. Extended laminar boundary layer flow across a wide range of angle of attacks meaning lower drag across a wider speed range.

The Eternity has an all new V-tail design with the boom mount being carried over from the Infinity Evo series. The V-tails are very easy to
install and remove, much easier than most models.

The four piece wing coupled with the two piece fuselage design makes the model very easy to ship and transport. Users can purchase spare nose
pods to experiment with CG and motor setups.  The nose is cut to 30mm from the factory. The model will pack down into a box 120cm long x 28cm x 10cm.

As per the Infinity, the front of the nose is aerodynamically designed by Giorgi Mirov (GM props) to make sure the blades fit as close to the fuselage as possible.

The Eternity is highly pre-fabricated and comes with IDS horns and arms installed. If special ordering a model please specify servo choice.
Wiring is already installed in the center panels and fuse side harnesses are assembled and provided. The model is supplied with a very
extensive hardware package, control throw gauges, ballast, and wing and tail covers.

From Boho-

  • Latest design from our years of experience in F5J, multi-dihedral wing for easy control in each flying condition
  • Special low drag wing airfoil by Dirk Pflug , special 5 different airfoils which are used on Eternity Wing
  • Wing area : 74,42 dm2 V tail area : 7,52 dm2.
  • Airfoil thickness in root rib 7,8% , middle to tip 6,9%
  • Wing is 4 panel , 2 piece fuselage , 2 piece V tail.
  • 2 piece fuselage , front part possible 2,4 friendly
  • Easy to travel, the shipping box has inside dimensions of 1200x280x100mm
  • Easy to assemble at the field , no tools needed , just tape / push parts together and tape
  • Both ailerons are controlled with one servo, and a special connection system reduces any torsional stress during movement
  • Ballast placed in the middle of the wing, for fast and easy access
  • Wing is constructed with solid core technology in aluminum molds , during production all parts are post cured to high temperatures
  • Nose of the fuselage was designed by George Mirov famous producer competition propeller
  • Servos for the tail are located in the tail boom where it meets with the pod
  • Pre-installed IDS + in the middle part of the wing inbuilt special high temperature resistant Teflon cable, to reduce time during build
  • Servo bays in the wing are completely molded in, full carbon caps, master piece of technology
  • Recommended servo set-up:
    V tail : HV75K-R
    Flap: HV6130
    Aileron: HV6120
    V tail : X08
    Flap : X10mini
    Aileron : X08plus

Flying weights:

  • FAI Light- Not available at this time
    Light- 1180-1220 grams (depending on gear, build, and paint)
    Performance- 1380-1450 grams (depending on gear, build, and paint)

Kit includes:

  • Protective wing and tail covers
  • Ballast, 4-85 gram slugs (light model), 8-85 gram slugs (performance model). Plus wood spacers
  • Fuselage wiring harnesses (pre-made)
  • Control throw deflection gauges for wing and tail
  • Main wing joiner, 2 sets of tip panel joiners, low and high angle
  • ServoRhamen IDS frames for wing (specify servos if ordering)
  • ServoRhamen boom servo mount (for KST X08 or similar, vertical mount tabs)
  • Blank 30mm CNC motor mount

Short Build Manual Here

Control Throws and Settings Here

Ballast Schedule Here


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