CCM Composite Model Repair Kit V2


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V2, more carbon fabric. 

Made for Flight Comp by CCM. This repair kit is a great item to keep in your tool box. Allows you to make some quick field repairs or more detailed repairs at home. Great for hollow molded or solid core models. 

Use CA if you are at a contest or some high quality epoxy if you have more time for the repair at home. 


  • Carbon Dbox for patching or covering up leading edge damage. Aprox- 170mm x 70mm
  • 1 piece of 100 grit sand paper
  • 3 piece of Spread Tow carbon ST20,  175mm x 215mm
  • 1 Piece of Spread Tow carbon ST40,  175mm x 215mm
  • 1 Piece of light weight rohacell foam,  135mm x 195mm x 7mm
  • 1 Piece of light weight rohacell foam,  70mm x120mm x 19mm

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