CN F5J SH (straight hub) Spinner

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Size: 32mm/3mm shaft
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CN Spinners SH (straight hub) are designed for inrunner motors or gearboxes, which are attached to the fuselage in the traditional way (front side of a motor).

  • Motor shaft sizes available - 3 mm, 3.17 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm
  • Distance between the axes of the blades = 24 mm
  • Blade tilt angle = 0. 
  • The hub and collet are CNC machined aluminum with further anodizing.
  • The cone is made from shockproof glass-nylon composite. 
  • The weight of the complete set is 12.77 grams.

The SH spinners are designed so that the modeler can achieve the tightest fit possible between the fuselage and prop blades. However, they do not work with all fuselage designs and props. They are most compatible with slim nose designs of latest generation F5J models and slim carbon props. Some experimenting may be needed with prop brands to achieve the best fit. 

Below is an example fuselage with Vita 12x8 slim prop. Both SH and U-Pro spinners are pictured. With this prop and fuse you can see the SH spinner fits much nicer than the U-Pro.

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