BMS-M15H Vertical Mount Servo, HV-Digital, Magnetic Sensor, Micro, High Torque, Metal Gear, Coreless

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BMS-M15H Vertical Mount Micro Servo

We believe the M15H has the potential to become the new benchmark servo for F5J and many other sailplane applications. Similar in size to the 115HV, the M15H features an all metal case and a magnetic sensor instead of a traditional potentiometer. 

The M15H is precise, and offers another level of durability. In addition it is extremely quiet with no "buzz". It features a servo lead that is removable. You have the option of soldering this lead directly to your wing harness to help reduce weight in your model. 

Servo trays are being developed but it will fit in 115HV frames with slight modifications. 

We have extensively tested this servo in our Prestige 2PK F5J model with fantastic results. 

More information coming soon. 

3D EP Aircraft, F5J, F3K, F3P & DLG, HLG.


Torque At 6.0V 5.1 kg-cm / 70.8 oz-in
Torque At 7.4V 6.4 kg-cm / 88.9 oz-in
Torque At 8.4V 7.5 kg-cm / 104.2 oz-in
Speed At 6.0V 0.14 sec / 60°
Speed At 7.4V 0.11 sec / 60°
Speed At 8.4V 0.10 sec / 60°


Power Supply
Operating Voltage Range 4.5V ~ 8.5V 4.5V ~ 8.5V ( 4 ~ 6 Cell Ni-MH or 2S Li-Poly / 2S Li-Fe )
Application / Suitable 3D EP Aircraft, F5J, F3K, F3P & DLG, HLG.


Micro Servo
Control System Digital Controller 12-Bits 12-Bits 12-Bits ( ( 4096 4096 Steps Steps ) ) Working Frequency & Neutral 333 Hz / 1520us
Dead Band Width 0.001ms (1us)
Frame Rate (Signal repeat rate) 3ms ( Maximum ) [ EX:Futaba-4PX / Sanwa-M12 ]
Rotating Direction Clockwise / When Pulse Traveling 1500 ~ 1900u sec
Operating Travel  90° (When 1100 ~ 1900 μ sec) [ Maximum..900us ~ 2100us ]


Mechanical Specifications
Ball Bearing 2 Ball Bearing
Gear All Metal Gears
Motor Coreless Motor
Horn / Gear Spline 25 Teeth ( Same as F-Type )
Connected Cable Length 140 mm ( 5.5 in )
Connected Housing Universal Connector ( J-Type )


Physical Specifications
Dimension (mm) 23.2 x 10 x 24.3 mm / 0.91 x 0.39 x 0.96 in
Weight (gram) 12.0 ± 0.5 grams / 0.42 oz​


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