BMS-101DMG Nano, Digital, Coreless

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BMS-101DMG Nano, Digital, Coreless

The BMS-101DMG is an ultra nano 4.4 gram digital servo. Featuring metal gears and good torque and speed figures. 

Electrical Specification (Function Of The Performance)
Torque At 4.8V 0.8 kg-cm / 11.1 oz-in
Torque At 6V 1.0 kg-cm / 13.9 oz-in
Speed At 4.8V 0.09 sec / 60°
Speed At 6V

0.07 sec / 60°

Idle Current 3 mAh @ 4.8~6.0V Stopped
Apply Environmental Condition
Operating Voltage Range 4.8V ~ 6.0V ( 4 ~ 5 Cell Ni-MH )
Control Specification
Control System Digital Controller 12-Bits ( 4096 Steps ) / Frequency:333Hz / Neutral:1520us
Dead Bend Width 0.002ms (2us)
Mechanical Specification
Ball Bearing N/A
Type Gears All Metal Gears
Motor Type Coreless Motor
Horn / Gear Spline 19 Teeth
Outline Drawing
Dimension (mm) 18.6 x 7.6 x 15.7 mm / 0.73 x 0.3 x 0.62 in
Weight (gram) 4.4 grams / 0.15 oz

Product Picture /
Dimension Sketch


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