BMS-A10 Micro, Horizontal Mount, HV-Digital, F3K

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 BMS-A10 Micro, Horizontal Mount, HV-Digital, F3K

Blue Bird has entered the F3K/DLG servo market with these new micro digital servos. Purpose built for F3K.

 The A10 digital series of servos feature metal gears, cnc aluminum cases, and a coreless motor. The A10 series are some of the lowest weight F3K servos available at just 7.3-7.4 grams depending on case configuration. 

Capable of operation on 1-2 cell lipo batteries.

Blue Bird boasts impressive specifications for these units. Click the link below for a detailed specification sheet.

3D Print your own frames for the A10V, click here to get free stl file!


 Data Sheet Here

Summary of specs-

  • Speed- .15s/3.7V-.07s/8.4V
  • Torque- 1.6kg/3.7V-3.2kg/8.4V
  • Weight- 7.3-7.4 grams +- .5 grams
  • Motor-Coreless
  • Gears-All metal
  • Deadband-0.002ms
  • Bearings-Dual Stainless
  • Dimensions- 22x8x15.3mm


Please note-

Blue Bird labels servos by orientation of mounts not how they are mounted in a model. For example the servo that would mount in a fuselage we would normally call a “vertical” mount servo, however Blue Bird labels these as “horizontal” mount. This is because the actual mounting tabs are in the horizontal position.  Flight Comp has decided to retain the traditional mounting nomenclature that we are accustomed to with the KST X08 servos.

To avoid confusion, please order according to the product images that match your mounting requirements.

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