BLS-18AN (760us Design), Narrow Band, High Speed, HV-Digital, Internal Protection, Soft Start, Heli Rudder Servo

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Application / Suitable
Only for Helicopter tail [ Rudder ]
Torque At 6.0V 13.8 kg-cm / 191.7 oz-in
Torque At 7.4V 17.1 kg-cm / 237.5 oz-in
Torque At 8.4V 19.4 kg-cm / 269.5 oz-in
Speed At 6.0V 0.045 sec / 60°
Speed At 7.4V 0.038 sec / 60°
Speed At 8.4V 0.033 sec / 60°
Protection Mechanism
Soft Start Protection A soft start to a neutral position.
Over Voltage Protection Over 9.0V drive the protection mode and 8.4V return to normal mode.
Low Voltage Protection Lower than 4.0V, drive the protection mode and 4.5V return to normal mode.
Locked Rotor Protection Stall in 5 sec, output torque goes down.
Temperature Protection Overheat 85 degrees C (185 degrees F), drive the protection mode and down 75 degrees C (167 degrees Freturn to normal mode.
Power Supply
Operating Voltage Range  4.5V ~ 8.5V ( 4 ~ 6 Cell Ni-MH or 2S Li-Poly / 2S Li-Fe)
Standard Full Aluminum Servo
Control System Digital Controller / AD 12-Bits Resolution ( 4096 Steps )
Frequency:333Hz / Neutral : 760us Narrow Band
Dead Band Width 0.001ms ( Default:1us)
Mechanical Specifications
Ball Bearing Dual
Gear All Steel w/ Nanometer Alloy Gears
Motor Premium Taiwan Brushless Motor
Horn / Gear Spline 25 Teeth ( Same as F-Type )
Physical Specifications
Dimension (mm) 40.5 x 20 x 39 mm / 1.59 x 0.79 x 1.54 in
Weight (gram) 76 ± 1 grams / 2.68 oz
Product Picture / Dimension Sketch

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