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Altis v4 Keypad

$ 11.99

Brand Aerobtec

Altis v4 KeyPad shown on Fig 14 is an external keyboard for Altis v4+. It is used to configure main competition settings of Altis v4+ on the airport without a computer. Altis Flight Manager version 4.0.0 or newer and firmware version 2.0 or higher are required for Altis v4+. F5J firmware support only memory data erase with KeyPad.

In order to use Altis v4+ KeyPad do the following:

• Connect it to COM A port according to Fig 15.

• Configure COM A port to KeyPad mode in the corresponding window shown in Fig 12.

• Turn on Altis v4+, it works in a normal way until there is no KeyPad connected.

• When the KeyPad is connected Altis v4+ detects it automatically and switches to the competition menu mode.

• Navigate the menu items by the side navigation buttons • Change the values by the middle + and – buttons.

• Push + and – simultaneously on the corresponding menu item if you wish to disable some function (for example altitude switch),

• After you disconnect the KeyPad, the settings are automatically stored in Altis v4+.

• Restart your Altis v4+ to use the new settings