A08H 3.8-8.4V Micro High Torque Servo


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KST A08H 3.8-8.4V Micro High Torque Servo

    Horizontal mount (wing mount)

    The A08 is all new for 2021. It is an upgrade over the venerable X08 series. Perfect for F3K, F5K, and F5J applications. Or just anywhere you need something small and powerful. 

    The motor is now fully incased while maintaining impressive torque figures. New gear train provides greater precision and durability. 

    The servo can be programmed via the KST servo tool.  The A08 also features soft start, so the servo won't jerk back to it's programmed center when you power on your model. It will slowly move there. 

     Includes 3 servo horns and spare mounting screws. 

     KST A08 Specifications

    Download spec sheet here. 



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