Libertoy 2.4M Electro, X-Tail, Light Neon Orange/White, IDS Installed


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Libertoy 2.4M Electro, X-Tail, Light Neon Orange/White, IDS Installed

New for 2023. The CCM Libertoy uses the tip panels from the 4m Liberty and the tail and boom from the 2m Toy. The nose pod is all new. The combination of these parts produces a perfect model for sport thermal flying and light slope soaring. The two piece fuselage design allows the model to be broken down with the longest panel (tips) being 1200mm. The X-tail design is very well thought out! Easy to assemble with ball links on the rudder and elevator. Only one screw is needed to mount the entire assembly on to the fuselage.

Each model includes protective covers. Ballast is sold separately. Three wing joiners are available. The standard are 6 and 8 degree, with a 12 degree joiner being optional. 

Includes pre-installed Servorahmen IDS. 

  • For KST X08H/X08H Plus, A08H Ailerons
  • For KST X10 Mini Flaps

Servos not included!


 We recommend the following servos-

  • Fuse- KST X08H V5, V6 or A08H


  • Length- 1440 mm 
  • Wing Span- 2450 mm
  • Wing Area-44.2 dm2
  • Wing Airfoil HN352 Mod
  • Tail Airfoil HT08 Mod
  • 2 Sets of wing joiners, 6 degree and 8 degree
  • Ailerons, Flaps, Rudder, Elevator, Motor- 7 Channel control
  • Ballast capable
  • All protective covers included

Empty parts weights (in grams)-

Right Wing 235 g. 250 g.
Left Wing 235 g. 250 g.
Fuselage 190 g. 220 g.
Elevator 25 g. 30 g.
Rudder 16 g. 20 g.
Wing joiner 34 g. 40 g.
Accessories 10 g. 10 g.
NT model weight 745 g. 820 g.
Flight weight 950 g. 1025 g.

    Recommended Settings-

    • TBD


    1 – Libertoy left wing tip

    2 – Libertoy right wing tip

    3 – Libertoy fuselage

    4 – Elevator Libertoy

    5 – Rudder Libertoy

    6 – Libertoy wing joiner

    7 – mounting kit Libertoy

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