Panasonic NCR 1865J2 3400mah 17 Amp, 2s Li-ion Rx Pack

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These cells are a new offering from Panasonic in 18650 size.

This "stick" arrangement is prefect for F3F, F3B, and F3J models. Or any other RC model that needs a high capacity quality receiver pack. 

  • Standard "JR" type servo connector
  • Balance lead

Pack Dimensions:

  • Weight 100 grams
  • Length 135 mm
  • Diameter 19 mm

Cell Specifications:

  • Capacity (Ah): 3.4 Ah ( 3400mAh)
  • Charging Voltage (V): 4.2 V
  • Energy (Wh): 12.2 Wh
  • Energy Density (Wh/L): 730 Wh/L
  • Nominal Voltage (V): 3.8V
  • Weight (g): 46 g
  • Diameter (mm): 18.06 mm (+/- 0.03 mm)
  • Height (mm): 65 mm (+/- 0.03 mm)
  • Max. Discharge rate: C Raing 2C (Maximum recommended current 6.8A)
  • Max Discharge rate (10 sec.): 17A 
  • Top (positive side): Flat top
  • Model: NCR1865J2
  • Made in Japan
  • Made by Panasonic 


Charge the batteries with standard 2s li-ion programmable chargers.  If your charger doesn't list li-ion then 2s lipo program is fine.  Charging format is the same constant current then constant voltage in either case. You can charge at up to 1.6amps.  Should come off charger at 8.4v. Never discharge below 6v. Long term storage is best at 7.4v (standard lipo storage charge).  Regardless of charging program battery should never exceed 8.4v under any circumstances. Balance charge every 5 cycles.

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