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X15-908 Mini Cyclic/Fuse Servo

$ 68.99

Brand KST

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The KST X15-908 is a fantastic choice for heli applications in the 500/550 class. As well it's torque and speed figures make it a great choice for large scale sailplanes and other models. Very precise high voltage servo featuring all metal gears and a coreless motor. 


KST X15-908   Digital HV Servo
with Coreless Motor
  Technical Details:
Torque     6.5 kg/cm
8.0 kg/cm
9.2 kg/cm
Speed   0.10 s/60°
0.09 s/60°
0.08 s/60°
Gears   All metal    
Weight   40  grams  

35.5 x 15 x 31.6