Liberty F5J Light, Neon Pink/Carbon


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Liberty F5J Light, Neon Pink/Carbon

The Liberty is all new for 2022. It represents years of knowledge and development by CCM gained from producing the Optimus sailplane.  The Liberty features a hallow 4m three piece wing and a unique two piece fuselage. The tails are solid core rohacell. As far as hallow molded models go, you will be hard pressed to find a higher quality model. 

The pushrods are installed at the factory in the boom and pod. All you have to do is trim and connect the servo side in the nose pod. The wing has G10 machined IDS horns pre-installed and linkage rods are hooked up for Servorahmen IDS trays. (not included)

The nose comes cut to 30mm and you can trim it back as you wish for CG purposes. 

You must purchase servorahmen IDS trays for your servos of choice separately. 

Model includes-

  • Protective covers for Wing and tail
  • 3D Printed servo tray for nose pod. 
  • IDS Horns and arms pre-installed for servorahmen IDS trays. 
  • Wire harness for center panel pre-installed
  • Wire harness for nose pod
  • Hardware and servo covers

From CCM-

It is the next level of our team.

The new Liberty model is the implementation of new ideas and technologies into one single unit.

The aerodynamic design is the result of collaboration of famous designers.

This is a model with a great history and transformation into a modern f5J model. The original design was developed by Eser Kismir with Philip Kolb’s help, which allowed to choose the right series of aerodynamic profiles and the concept of the model. After that our CCM team picked up these developments and modernized it in accordance with updated modern requirements.

At the first stage, the model was released in a limited series called Libery and later it will have the original name – Liberty.

It is a completely new model with a larger wingspan, different fuselage and better materials.

We designed an innovative version of the fuselage and to be more specific – it is about the mechanism of its connection, which will allow:

– to store the model in a more compact way for transportation;

– will make it easier to replace separate parts if needed;

– will give an opportunity to develop new model configurations in the future.

As a result, we developed the up-to-date F5j model.

  1. Сenter panel Liberty
  2. Right wing tip Liberty
  3. Left wing tip Liberty
  4. Elevator Liberty
  5. Fuselage Liberty
  6. Rudder Liberty
  7. Tail boom Liberty

  1. Aileron and flap flat servo hatches (4 pcs)
  2. Fuselage servo tray Liberty
  3. Wing mounting screws
  4. Tail servo clevises Liberty (with M2 thread)
  5. Elevator mounting screws
  6. Wires for connect the receiver to the wing connectors
  7. Pushrods mounting screws
  8. Motor mount Liberty (not included)
  9. Couplers for carbon rod
  10. Wing joiners
Model type LIBERTY
Сenter panel 300 g. 360 g. 430 g.
Set wings 320 g. 360 g. 440 g.
Fuselage 100 g. 110 g. 120 g.
Tail boom with rods 54 g. 64 g. 74 g.
Elevator 30 g. 32 g. 34 g.
Rudder 25 g. 30 g. 30 g.
Connecting pins 10 g. 16 g. 20 g.
Model accessories 60 g. 60 g. 60 g.
NT model weight 899 g. 1032 g. 1208 g.
Flight weight 1150 g. 1300 g. 1500 g.

*Weight of the model values depend on the color and radio gear used.


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