Hornet 1.5M F5K, Neon Yellow/Carbon


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Hornet F5K, Neon Yellow/Carbon

 The Hornet is an all new F5K model from GCM in Poland. 

The wing is a two piece design with an offset split. The planform and airfoils are the same as the venerable Fireblade F3K. Utilizing modified Zone V2 sections. A beautifully machined CNC motor mount is provided along with an extensive hardware pack. Slots for all control horns are CNC cut. The side canopy makes changing the battery easy and there is ample room for esc, altitude device, and battery. Servos for the tail are mounted on a tray that is installed below the wing. Receiver is installed behind the servos. Springs for the V-tails are preinstalled by GCM.

A Deans 4 pin connector is used in the wing and servo wire is pre routed for you to the servo bays. You must solder up the fuse side harness. Please refer to the drawing on the Deans package to make the fuse side harness. 

Recommended Servos-

We recommend KST X06 servos in the fuselage and either X06, X08N, or A08N servos in the wing. 

Recommended Motor-

T-Motor F30

Recommended ESC-

Talon 15 or equivalent 


300-350mah 2-3S


CN 25mm/5 spinner with 6x4 prop for 3S or 7x4 prop for 2S


Typical flying weight is 250-265g grams depending on gear and installation. 

Kit includes-

  • All hardware 
  • Wire for control cables and crimps
  • 25g ballast block for wing
  • Tungsten joiner rod for added ballast (45g)
  • Carbon joiner rod
  • Carbon servo covers
  • CNC control horns
  • Shrink wrap for servos
  • Wing and Tail covers



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