Vertigo F5J in Production!

The GCM Vertigo is now in production! Please email us to reserve your model. 


The GCM Vertigo is the pinnacle of F5J design.  Several years in development this model has been extensively prototyped and tested in Europe and the USA. The airfoil is a modified SynergJ section and features a hybrid of the latest construction techniques. Several iterations of wings, tails, and fuselages were designed prototyped and tested before the final version was put into production. 

The solid core wing tips and tail are very stiff and lightweight reducing mass where it is most important. The Center panel is hallow, thus allowing for a lighter and stiffer part compared to comparable solid core center panels.  


  • Solid core wing tip panels, rudder, and elevator. Carbon/Rohacell
  • Hollow molded center panel. Carbon/Rohacell skin
  • Bladder/Pressure molded 2 piece fuse.


  • Extreme post cure temperature and duration on all parts insure surfaces remain smooth and glossy even with prolonged exposure to heat and direct sunlight.
  • Highest quality surface finish of any model.
  • Low production quantity means a greater level of attention to detail.
  • Extremely durable and accurate CNC aluminum molds. All parts come from CNC aluminum molds that are second to none if quality and finish. 

Key Features-

  • Unique 2 piece fuselage. Boom is retained by rear wing bolt.
  • Quick connect Elevator means rapid field assembly. 
  • 2.4 Friendly nose.
  • Elevator and Rudder servos mount horizontal on "pad" in boom using servo frames.
  • Massive wing joiner dimension are supremely durable and stiff while being very light weight. 
  • Wiring for center panel.
  • Large moving surfaces on wing allow for less overall movement to achieve desired directional and camber changes without huge drag penalties. 
  • Breaks down into compact package for transport.

Supplied With-

  • High and Low angle wing joiners. 
  • Extensive hardware pack.
  • DB-9 connector. 
  • Aileron/Flap/Rudder control horns and linkage.
  • Carbon pushrods in fuse.
  • Wing and tail bags.
  • 4 BMS-115HV Servos.
  • 4 3D printed servo frames for the wing.
  • Gap seal tape for tail and ailerons. 
  • Ballast kit (strong only)

Flying Characteristics- 

  • Very easy to fly with low pilot workload.
  • Fantastic penetration even at low flying weights.
  • Turns very tightly and predictably in thermals.
  • Very mild stall characteristics. 
  • Wing responds very well to camber changes.


  • Wing span: 3935mm
  • Wing area: 78.9dm2
  • Horizontal stab area: 7.5dm2
  • Total area: 86.5dm2
  • Vertical stab area: 5.5dm2
  • Wing aspect ratio: 19.6
  • AUW Light Model: 1100grams-1300grams
  • AUW Strong Model: 1400grams-1600grams