Samba Prestige 2Pk F5J, taking orders!

Well that cat is out of the bag! Yes Samba has a new model. The Prestige 2PK. Designed by Philip Kolb and complete design departure from Samba's typical 2 piece wing  construction.

Details and still light, but here are the basics-

  • Wing span is 3900 mm
  • Wing area is: 79.3 sq dm
  • Elevator area is: 7,3 sq dm
  • Aspect ratio 19.18
  • Total area is 86,6 sq dm


  • Standard  1200-1300 grams
  • Windy  1550 grams +

Link To RCgroups thread with great info from JoJo-

Solid core wing constructions with a 3-piece design. Solid core tail surfaces. 2-piece fuse design featuring a removable nose that can be trimmed at the shoulder to adjust CG. Rudder and elevator servos are installed under the wing in pockets molded into the fuse. 

The servo bays in the wings are designed for Servorahmen IDS frames and the model can be ordered with frames and IDS supplied, or with frames and servos already installed. Servo choice is limited however. 

We will have our pre-production model ready to fly soon and will start making flight reports and assembly notes. 

Flightcomp will be the first vendor in the USA to receive the Prestige 2PK and if you would like to order a model please contact us! 

Below is the standard graphic layout. Custom graphics are available for additional cost. 



Fuselage Video-

Aileron Installation Video-

 Flap Install Video-

F5jPrestige 2pkPrestige f5jSambaVertigo f5j