Prestige 2PK Sport Version!

Samba is introducing a "Sport" layup of the 2PK and 2PK Pro! This new version is between the light and normal model. Flying weights should be around 45-48 oz with increased strength.  Updated order form will be arriving soon. 

From Samba-

Prestige 2PK PRO and Prestige 2PK in SPORT version.

At the request of many F5J pilots, we created a new strength version SPORT. Pilots said the weight difference between the Light and Normal versions was too much of a jump. The SPORT version has a weight of 1300 - 1350 g with the recommended engine, the basic carbon design with colored accessories. Of course, compared to the Light version, the strength of the model has increased. The SPORT version has gained great popularity among test pilots, which is why we are now introducing it into serial production. We recommend the Dualsky XM 3036EG-11 motor and lipo 4S 600-700 mAh for the motordrive.

Setup for SPORT version:
Dualsky XM 3036EG-11
CASTLE Talon 35
Propeller GM 9/5
LIPO 4S 600- 700 mAh
Dualsky ultra long 4S 600 mAh
Black line 4S 700 mAh

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