Pike Dynamics in the USA!

Our first shipment of F5J Pike Dynamics have arrived! They look great. More info soon along with some video introductions. 

The Pike Dynamic is the evolution of the Pike Perfection. Much development has gone into this model to produce a sailplane that is capable of better penetration at reduced flying weights.

  • The Dynamic wing is slightly shorter in span (3.68m) than the Perfection and features a thinner cross section.
  • The fuselage has been greatly reduced in cross section as well and is much lighter than the Perfection.
  • The new tails are solid core machined foam with carbon skins which are lighter. 
  • General wing construction remains the same as the Perfection. Although dihedral has been slightly increase at the breaks and control surfaces are larger in area than the Perfection. 
  • Molded in firewall for F5J models. 
  • The Dynamic is only avaiable with LDS control systems in the wing, no conventional control horns. 
  • Includes all protective covers and ballast where applicable (1600 gram model).

Available in 3 variants (F5J)

  • 1100-1200 gram flying weight  (no ballast provisions in wing)
  • 1300-1400 gram flying weight  (no ballast provisions in wing)
  • 1600-1700 gram flying weight  (ballast tubes installed in wing)