New FX F3K from GCM Models

The latest F3K design from GCM in Poland. Two piece low wing with modern "high aspect ratio" design.  Top mount elevator and a fuselage with a four in the pod servo layout. Sleek slip on nose cone allows for easy ballast changes with innovative ballast system. 


  • All new fuselage design with sleek slip on nose.
  • 4 servos in the fuse.
  • Ballast system included (75g)
  • Low wing
  • Springs factory installed in tails. 
  • Extensive hardware pack included
  • Includes protective covers
  • Vertical is an easy fit and "jigs" on.
  • Pre-cut notch for throw peg
  • Vertical is an easy fit and "jigs" on.
  • 2.4 Friendly nose.
  • Superb surface finish.


    Average Part Weights (Standard layup)-

    • Each wing panel 51g +-
    • Joiner 2g +-
    • Fuse 43g +-
    • Horizontal Stab 6g +-  grams
    • Rudder 6g +-  grams

     Initial Setup-

    • CG-  62-65mm from LE
    • Reflex- 1mm up ailerons (Aileron throw 8mm up, 6mm down)
    • Cruise- Ailerons neutral (Aileron throw 10mm up, 6mm down)
    • Thermal 1- 3mm down ailerons plus snap flap (Aileron throw 6mm up, 3mm down)
    • Snap Flap- 4mm down ailerons