New F5K Model coming soon!

First order placed, eta June/July 2024.

The idea behind the Sabre was to have a wing that would not only perform well with low lift, but also penetrate well into the wind, achieving extremely low drag and thermal efficiency.

With the new release of the thin but powerful KST X06 which was released during the design phase, were able to get a thin enough wing with a direct drive servo for the flaperon, thus now only having two servos in the fuselage to control the altitude rudder and rudder direction this made it possible to create a thinner fuselage.

Two-piece wing makes storage and transportation easier and convenient for shipping a smaller box around the world. This is achieved with a single wing connector and each wing panel is attached to the fuselage with 4 screws, which is simple and very efficient.

The Sabre is manufactured from the highest quality materials, the construction is fully carbon fiber using CW30,20,40,58 bi-axial carbon fabric wings and tail plane made of Rohacell solid core.

The model comes in a variety of options with aileron wires and a 3-pin connector already installed in each wing. The fuselage also comes with matching 3-pin connectors and connecting wires with pre-installed JR connectors. This is another difference between this model and its competitors in terms of quality and reduced assembly time.

The glider can be supplied in a variety of colors, using 30,20,40,58 g/m^2 density CW carbon fabrics.

The fuselage has been designed to fit a 25mm Spinner.


  • Length: 882mm
  • Wingspan: 1497 mm
  • Wing area: 18 dm2
  • Wing airfoils: AG 36, AG 37, AG 38, AG 45c, AG 47c
  • Wing elongation: 12,45
  • Horizontal area: 2.16 dm2
  • Fin area: 1.4 dm2
  • Average AUW: 230g