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Infinity NG F5J/F3J- Coming Soon!

Infinity NG F5J/F3J- Coming Soon!

The Infinity is the creation of Bohuslav Majerčík. The F5J model has been around for a year or so and now Flight Comp is proud to announce we will begin importing the Infinity into the USA. 

Although the standard Infinity F5J is available for special order, we will be stocking the newest version, the Infinity NG. Several design changes have been made to the model. Shorter nose, longer boom, and slightly redesigned tail. The exciting part is that this model will now also be available for F3J! Of course the F3J version will feature a spar capable of F3J tows and a new wing joiner. 

We expect to see some of these models in September of 2017

From Bohuslav Majerčík-

This is my new F5J project INFINITY , plane has designed profile with Dirk Pflug . Designed for low weight airframe .

Some details:
wingspan: 3500mm
airfoil: Dirk Pflug f5j
wing area: 74,6dm2

Plane is made in two version (F5J) :

wing made from 40g biaxial carbon , tail from 24g biaxial carbon
1/2 wing 320g
joiner 45g
fuselage 105g
elevator 39g
ruder 28g

empty 850-860g
posible RTF in 1100g

wing made from 66g Aspro spread carbon , tail from 40g biaxial carbon
1/2 wing 370g
joiner 50g
fuselage 105g
elevator 49g
ruder 38g

empty 980-990g



June 27, 2017 by Ali Khani
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