Eternity F5J- First Order Placed

All new for 2021.

The Eternity F5J is a stunning new model from Bohuslav Majerčík in Slovakia. 

The Eternity replaces the Infinity F5J and it is a radical departure from the fairly low aspect ration of the old Infinity.  The Eternity wing is high aspect ratio with thin airfoils across all panels. 

The best part of this model is ease of transportation! 4 piece wing design and 2 piece fuselage. Of course a 2 piece removable V-tail. From what we hear the V-tail design is similar to the Infinity, so it should be a breeze to assemble at the field. 

ETA for first shipment will be posted here. Please email us to reserve a model. 

From Bohuslav-


  • Latest design from our years of experience in F5J, multi-dihedral wing for           easy control in each flying condition.
  • Special low drag wing airfoil by Dirk Pflug , special 5 different airfoils which         are used on Eternity Wing.
  • Wing area : 74,42 dm2    V tail area : 7,52 dm2.
  • Airfoil thickness in root rib  7,8%  , middle to tip 6,9%
  • Wing is 4 panel , 2 piece fuselage , 2 piece V tail.
  • 2 piece fuselage , front part possible 2,4 friendly
  • Easy to travel, the shipping box has inside dimensions of 1200x280x100mm.
  • Easy to assemble at the field , no tools needed , just tape / push parts                 together and tape.
  • Both ailerons are controlled with one servo, and a special connection                   system reduces any torsional stress during movement.
  • Ballast placed in the middle of wing, for fast and easy access
  • Wing is constructed with solid core technology in aluminum molds , during           production all parts are post cured to high temperatures. 
  • Nose of the fuselage was designed by George Mirov famous producer                 competition propeller.
  • Servos for the tail are located in the tail boom where it meets with the pod. 
  • Pre-installed IDS + in the middle part of the wing inbuilt special high                     temperature resistant teflon cable, to reduce time during build.
  • Servo bays in the wing are completely molded in, full carbon caps, master           piece of technology.
  • Much more details from productions soon.