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CCM Toy 2M Slope/F3F Models Have Arrived!

CCM Toy 2M Slope/F3F Models Have Arrived!

Finally we have a few examples of the CCM Toy 2M model in stock. If there is one word to sum up these models it is quality! Perfect fitting parts and impeccable attention to detail!

Product details here.  Some brief information and images below-

  • Length- 1153 mm 
  • Wing Span- 2000 mm
  • Wing Area-32.4 dm2
  • Wing Airfoil HN352 Mod
  • Tail Area- 3.72 dm2
  • Tail Airfoil HT08 Mod
  • 2 Sets of wing joiners, low angle and high angle
  • Ailerons, Flaps, Rudder, Elevator- 6 Channel control
  • Ballast capable

Includes protective covers and ballast.

Full spread tow carbon construction. 

October 08, 2019 by Ali Khani
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