All new CCM F5J Props and Spinners available!

In stock.

We are very happy to announce an all new line of carbon folding props and 30mm spinners from CCM in Ukraine. 

The props have been meticulously designed to provide a fantastic fit on many modern F5J models. The spinners mount via "grub" or set screws, this allows the plastic cone to be much more aerodynamic. There is no hole in the tip of the cone or screw head exposed. Each F5J spinner comes with a white and black cone. 

As well there will be plastic cones for the 25mm F5K spinners. Dramatically reducing the cost. 

30mm F5J spinners will be available in 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm shaft sizes.  

Prop sizes-


  • 6x4
  • 7x4


  • 9x8
  • 10x6
  • 11x7
  • 12x8
  • 13x9
  • 16x8