Production technology news 2015:

Every year there are new technological changes and new materials. So also for 2015. All these changes contribute to lower model weight with same stiffness and some of them improve the functionality. All improvements lead to better flying qualities.

1. First change with high benefit for reduction of weigh and improvement of funcitonality is the use of teflon tubes with carbon core instead of original bowdens. New bowdens move very easily, without sticking and ruder/elevator return exactly to neutral position. We reached 50 g reduction of weight in the rear part of the Perfection fuselage when we calculate compensation in front. Reduction by F5J Perfection is about 26 g but here we used about 16 g to reinforce boom. F3F/B with these bowdens has 28g in total lower weight. All perfections are equiped with these bowdens as standard. Precision customer can choose between new bowdens and standard push rods (carbon tube 4/2,5mm).
2. Biaxial SPREAD TOW. In the beginnng of 2015 we started using exclusively second generation of these lightweight carbon fabrics. We use them for prodution of light weight PIKE Perfetion wings, all rudders, elevators and v-tails for Precision and Perfection.
Quality difference can be seen at first sight. Single fibers are distributed equally all over the surface and does not create clusters of fibers and holes in the fabric. Even more important is orientation of fibers. All of them are straight without any bends like in the previous fabrics. Products from ST second generation fabric have much better surface quality and form better stability.
3. Also PIKE Perfection is avilable with LDS system that you know from Precision – you can get it for JRDS 181, JRDS 189 HV Futaba S3173 svi, MKS 6125, MKS 6625 HBL servos
4. Ailerons and flaps hinge line is the last change. We started using kevlar instead of originaly used peelply fabric. Kevlar hinge line is much more resistant to detaching of hinge line in hard landings.

All of these changes does not cause any price increase

NEW Biaxial Spread Tow carbon fabric

Left OLD - Right NEW fabric

Left OLD - Right NEW fabric

Hingeline with kevlar

New carbon pushrods in teflon tubes



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