Our friends in Poland from GCM models have an awesome new DLG. The Fireblade! What a great name, inspired from the Euro name for Honda CBR racing motorcycles. 

Check out GCM's site for more info- http://gcm-model.com/

This model is crammed full of great features and is a tremendous value! Pre-installed KSTX08 wing servos, molded in servo tray in fuse and supplied servo straps. Vertical is an easy fit and "jigs" on. Great looking graphics, quick use and access ballast. Supplied with 2 nose cones! Hardware pack, wing bags, what else could you ask for?

Almost no work required to get airborne! And all for 660.00! 

We have several models on the way, the first batch is already sold out with more expected in August. Email us with any questions you may have.