Available Very Soon!

The Mibo SPECTRA is an all molded glider of approx. 3900mm wingspan built of the best and most resistant materials available that allow an incredible performance for slope as well as thermal flying.
SPECTRA is an efficient and forgiving glider that has been satisfying many sport fliers simply looking for a model that bit special and gorgeous for the slope to cope with an incredibly wide range of conditions.  For some it has been only their second molded glider, for others - with just reasonable flying experience - it has successfully been their first!

Extremely light and strong, SPECTRA looks great and flies superbly. It has been designed from the outset for purpose and manufactured with the usual Mibo eye on quality and attention to detail.
Full carbon build wings with aspect ratio at almost 20 combined with chosen airfoil gives efficiency to cover the entire range of operating speeds.  Large flaps provide extremely benign mannered slow handling - and CROW landings are a breeze. 

In the hills or on the flat, slope lift or thermal, Spectra is great fun and a rewarding model for every glider enthusiast. You can make it whistle, or you can hand-catch it. Spectra provides also a great lightweight electric power project - fuselage offers enough room under the canopy for your geared motor and up to 4 LiPo cells.

It is delivered with unique 400 g ballast system, wiring harness - completely finished and ready for installing radio gear.

  • Wingspan: 3910 mm
  • Length: 1665 mm
  • Wing airfoil: MT 7,5%
  • Tail airfoil: HT 13
  • Wing area: 79 dm2
  • Tail area: 8,1 dm2
  • Empty airframe weight: 1500 g