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Ultima F5J Arriving Soon!

Ultima F5J Arriving Soon!

First batch has arrived!

New for 2016 team Vortex introduces a brand new F5J glider: the ULTIMA. The Ultima is the "next step" in F5J evolution. Solid core machined wing cores just like the most modern F3K machines. This resulted in a flying weight from 1063 gram with a 4m  wingspan.  The model is delivered with both 5 and 7 degree wing joiners. 

We have several models ordered, but only a few have not been spoken for at this time. Please emails us if you would like to reserve a model. 

With ballast the gliders weight can increased with 100,200 or 300 gram.

Technical Specifications:



Fuselage length            : 1860 mm

Wingspan                      : 3.985 mm




Fuselage  + canopy       : app 130 gram (standard)

Central panel                 : app 340 gram

Tip left / right                  : app 140 gram

Elevator                         : app 30 gram

Rudder set                     : app 20 gram

Joiners                           : app 16 gram

Small parts                    :  app 30 gram


Ballast set                      : 100, 200 and 300 gram


CG                                : 112.. 118 mm from leading edge


Basic setup:


All dimensions measured at root panel:


Aileron                          : 25 mm up, 15 mm down

Elevator                        : 15 mm up and down

Rudder                         : 35 mm left and right




Cruise                           : 3 mm down

Thermal                        : 7 mm down

Speed                           : 0 mm


Spinner                         : 32 mm


May 06, 2016 by Ali Khani
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