XT60 Battery Indicator / Protector Caps


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XT60 Battery Indicator / Protector Caps (Full, Store, Empty) - 3 sets

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Protect your Lipo battery's and also know their status instantly. Now no more worries with these bright colored silicone caps that fit your XT60 connectors perfectly.

Made from High quality silicone, these caps come in 3 colors. They provide full protection against accidental short circuit and dust. The three bright color caps are designed for easy indication of your battery status, from FULL, STORE and EMPTY. So you will never be confused again about which batteries are charged or discharged, before flying. A must have item, especially when you might have a few packs of battery's in your case/ carrying bag.


  • High quality silicone
  • Protection from short circuit and dust
  • Bright color for easy indication of status
  • Fits XT60 connectors

Included in the package:

  • Red caps x 3
  • Yellow caps x 3
  • Green caps x 3

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