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Vortex 2.5 F3K, Orange/White

$ 779.99 $ 699.99

Brand DScomposites


Right or left hand throw

The Vortex 2.5 is an evolution of the 2.0.

Featuring solid core machined Rohacell wings and tails with full spread tow carbon surfaces. Higher aspect ratio than its predecessor the original Vortex. The Vortex 2.5 has long legs for ranging far out and being able to make it back home.

A key feature of the Vortex 2.5 is that it’s constructed in CNC aluminum molds, which offer greater accuracy and far less chance of warping or twisted parts. Finishes are now excellent do the use of newer paint technologies. 

Slim fuse for low drag.  Tails are pull/springs and Aileron/Flaperons are top drive. Vertical stab “jigs” on to the back of the fuse, easy installation and no guess work. Elevator simply bolts on to the pylon under the boom.

Recommended gear-

  • KST X08/Blue Bird AMS-A10 or similar
  • 2S Life/Lipo 500mah or less, 1S Lipo 1200mah or less
  • Compact 6-8 channel receiver
  • Zepsus nano switch


  • Wing airfoil: Proprietary
  • Wing area: 20.6 dm2
  • AUW: 250 grams
  • Wingspan: 1500 mm
  • Wing root chord: 167 mm
  • Rudder area: 2 dm2
  • Stabilizer area: 2.23 dm2
  • Rudder can be flipped for left hand throw. Wing tips same on both sides.