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SFM Super Stick 180

$ 299.99

Brand SFM

SFM 180 Super Stick, 30cc

  • Span- 1830mm/72 inches
  • Wing Area- 70.2 dm2
  • Length- 1605mm
  • Weight- 4300grams
  • Thrust- 5kgs and up
  • Radio- 5-6 Channel
  • Engine- 30-35cc 2 Stroke
  • Prop- 20x10"
  • Battery- 6s 4500mah or greater
  • Motor- 370KV
  • ESC 120A
  • Requires- Radio Gear/Servos/Engine/Motor-Battery-ESC

The SFM 180 Stick features high and rugged landing gear perfect for grass or rough fields. Every flyer should have a stick in their fleet  and the SFM Super Stick is a stand out. It's a straightforward sport model that can deliver tons of fun. Good aerobatic performance and very stable. Large control surfaces give plenty of authority while the thick airfoil and light wing loading allows the Super Stick to be flown as slow as most trainers.