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SFM Fournier RF-4D EP

$ 199.99

Brand SFM

SFM Fournier Trainer RF-4D

  • Span- 1800mm/70.9 inches
  • Wing Area- 33.5 dm2
  • Length- 928mm
  • Weight- 1100grams
  • Thrust- 1260g
  • Radio- 4 Channel
  • Prop- 11x5.5"
  • Battery- 3s 2000mah or greater
  • Motor- 1000KV
  • ESC 30A
  • Spinner 45mm
  • Adaptor- 4mm Aluminum 
  • Requires- Radio Gear/Servos/Motor-Battery-ESC

The SFM Fournier Trainer is gentle sport model with great handling. Easy to fly! Sailplane like handling do do high aspect ratio wings and light loading. Features all balsa construction, pre-built, pre-covered, control surfaces are pre-hinged. 

Recommenced Electric Power-

This model is definitely a motor-glider, and only needs around 75 watts per pound for good performance, and 100 watts per pound would give it excellent climb capability.  With a flying weight of around 2.5 pounds, 200 watts of power would give you excellent performance and 250 watts would get you plenty of climb capability.  You would definitely use a 3-cell battery for this size plane, around 2200mah in capacity.  I could not tell from the information on your site if this model is designed to use a 22mm size motor (28mm outside diameter) or a 28mm motor (35mm outside diameter).  The Cobra 22mm motors use a 16mm x 19mm mounting hole pattern, while the 28mm motors use a 25x25mm mounting hole pattern.  If the 22mm motor is needed, I would use the C-2221/16 motor with the 11x5.5 prop.  This combination give the following performance at full throttle.

Volts – 11.1

Amps – 18.3

Watts – 203

RPM – 7,460

Thrust – 42 ounces (2 pounds 10 ounces)

Pitch Speed – 39 MPH

If you can use the larger 28mm motors, then the C-2814/16 motor would be an excellent choice to give you even better performance.  Again, with the APC 11x5.5-E prop you would get these performance numbers.

Volts – 11.1

Amps – 26.5

Watts – 295

RPM – 8,530

Thrust – 55 ounces (3 pounds 7 ounces)

Pitch Speed – 44 MPH

In either case, the best speed controller would be the Cobra 33 amp model.