Sensor Light F5J Neon Orange, IDS Installed


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Sensor Light F5J Neon Orange, IDS Installed

  • Ailerons- IDS installed for KST X08, A08
  • Flaps-IDS installed for MKS 6110
  • Includes protective covers 

Recommended servos-

  • Elevator- KST X08, A08
  • Rudder- KST X08, A08
  • Ailerons- KST X08H, A08H
  • Flaps- MKS 6110HV


We recommend a typical light F5J motor setup such as the Tenshock Viper with 5:1 gearbox or similar from other brands. ESC 35-40A, and 750-900mah 3S lipo battery. 

The Sensor F5J glider is a novelty of 2021, which is the result of fruitful cooperation between CN-Models and Aer-O-Tech. Thanks to the original profiles from Aer-O-Tech, it was possible to achieve outstanding flight characteristics. Sensor F5J is a model that combined the best technical solutions in the F5J class, but at the same time it became closer to the free-fly models in gliding. It can be easily operated by both a professional and a novice in all weather conditions. Profiles from Aer-O-Tech allow the Sensor to fly well both in calm and strong winds. The manufacturing technology with a solid core made it possible to get very rigid, but at the same time very light model. 

The Sensor features a 4 piece wing design and a 2 piece fuselage. Thanks to its unique design, the model is easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as very easy to transport, since the maximum length of its longest part is 112 cm.

  • Length 1810 mm (71,25")
  • Wing span 3911 mm (153,98")
  • Wing area 78,33 sq dm 
  • Wing airfoils original by Aer-O-Tec
  • Horizontal stabilizer area 7.98 sq dm
  • Vertical stabilizer area 5,95 sq dm
  • Control surfaces-ailerons, flaps, elevator, rudder

Settings and CG, click here

The Sensor can be ordered in several levels of completion-

  • No IDS installed, open servo bays
  • IDS frames and linkage installed
  • IDS frames, linkage, and wing servos installed
  • Rudder Elevator servos and linkage installed

The nose will be cut to 30mm from CN and you can cut back to 32mm if needed.  All harness and wire parts are included. Wire is pre-routed through center panel and connectors installed by CN.

All Sensor models sold by FC will include wing and tail covers. Ballast is not available for light and FAI light models. 

Hardware and parts included, some details and parts may change-

Kit contents-


  • FAI Light- not available
  • Light- 1220-1250 gr (43-44 oz), loading 14,14 gr\dm²
  • Normal- 1350-1380 gr (47-48 oz), loading 15,64 gr\dm² 
  • Windy- 1500-150 gr ( 53-54 oz), loading 38 gr\dm² 
  • Storm- not available

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